Katy writes and practices somatic touch psychotherapy in Austin, Texas. She wrote her first short story at age 8. It was titled "The Jungle Quest," and quite frankly was an Indiana Jones rip-off (but with a female protagonist, go figure). Katy's next great feat was to pen a haiku that won Honorable Mention in a local contest. Profound early works aside, Katy taught writing at the college level and then, almost 15 years ago, began studying interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-informed psychotherapeutic techniques, and couples who are sick of each other's shit.  She's a native Texan and had the type of childhood that is often depicted in stereotypes and films about Texas (see photo). Katy is often curmudgeonly about being pushed out of Austin (when she lived for 26 years) by overpopulation. Katy now happily resides on the outskirts of town with 3 half-Chihuahua yippy dogs, 1 half-feral fluffy cat, and 1 half-normal adult human male.